Thursday, May 03, 2007

Corte Madera Marsh

Last Sunday I went to the Corte Madera Marsh in Marin to shoot with Steve Harper and Deb Rourke. Back in the late '70's, Steve was the first person to teach a college-level course on night photography (this was at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco). Although Steve has been retired from photography for many years, he joined us at the Mono Lake Workshops last summer, and he has since been producing a lot of new night photography work.

(Moonrise Over Tiburon, by Andy Frazer)

Photographing locations such as a forest or a marsh at night can be challenging. It's difficult for the camera to capture the expanse or the feeling of being in the "great outdoors". It's difficult to use gel lighting on trees and bushes because they absorb so much light. Also, the natural environment rarely has that "edge" that so many night photographers like in their work. Personally, I like to occasionally break up the routine of abandoned buildings and rusty old machinery. In fact, a night in a natural landscape usually gives me fresh ideas the next time I'm shooing buildings or man-made structures.

But, it's still worth the challenge. Even if you come back with nothing more than a good walk in the outdoors, and some great conversation with friends.


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Just came across your blog via google.. enjoyed it very much! Nice night photography!

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