Tuesday, April 24, 2007

China Camp State Park

I've recently been uploading some of my older night photographs to my Flickr account.

(China Camp Pier, by Andy Frazer)

This shot was taken on my first night out with my "new" Canon D60 digital camera back in October, 2002. That weekend I tagged along with The Nocturnes for their Fall Night Photography Workshop. Tim Baskerville had arranged for us to have permission to shoot at China Camp State Park (currently part of the California State Park system) that evening. The orange-yellow glow on the water is caused by a sodium-vapor light in the above-left. The smooth effect on the water is caused by the gentle, six-inch high waves.

The camp once housed 500 Chinese people. Today, only one person continues to live at China Camp. He is a direct descendant of the Chinese family that has occupied this camp for over a hundred years. His fishing boat can be seen at the end of the pier. Based on my imprecise cartographic skills, I believe the lights on the horizon are from either Mare Island or Vallejo.


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Just came across the blog - some absolutely fantastic stuff on there and I look forward to having a read through past posts and a look at your Flickr account. Please feel free to add future posts to www.photographyvoter.com so our community can keep up to date!!

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