Monday, April 09, 2007

A Night At Alameda

Last weekend eight local night photographers spent the evening shooting at Alameda Point, better known as the former Alameda Naval Air Station. Although the moonlight is often hidden under tons of sodium-vapor street light, Alameda is a great place for night shooting. It's very accessible to the public, there's lots of large, industrial buildings, minimal traffic and visitors, and so far it appears to be quite safe. I've been there six times at night, and I haven't seen anyone get hurt or get mugged, yet. "Alameda" is also the location where many episodes of the television series "Myth Busters" is filmed.

(photo: Andy Frazer)

Last week's trip included Deb Rourke, Tom Morrow, Steve Walsh, Richard Sintchak, Joe Reifer, who took the great shot below.

("Warning/High Dive", by Joe Reifer)

There were also many other great photographers out there that night, but they don't have websites that I can link to. So I'll have to post more about them at another time.

Little-Known Airfields has some great information about the history of Alameda N.A.S, including information about how this used to be the base for Pan-Am's China Clipper flights.


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