Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pawel Szczesny

Every so often I stumble across an interesting blog that I had never heard of before. Recently, I came across Pawel Szczesny's night photography blog Turning Coffee into Photos. Pawel told me that he was originally inspired by Stu Jenks' night photography project of circles.

(photo: Pawel Szczesny)

As one of the few night photographers in Poland, Pawel hopes to get more Polish photographers interested in night photography, and begin organizing regular meetings in Poland. Pawel's regular posts may slow down for a short while because he's busy with the recent birth of his first child. But I look forward to seeing more updates in the future.

If English isn't your favorite language*, you can also see Pawel's main site here.

*In which case, you probably wouldn't be reading this blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quick update - I'm currently rearranging both sites, so the still will contain writings and photos, while will turn into a photoblog.


11:09 PM  

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