Thursday, June 01, 2006

Troy Paiva, Urban Exploration and Night Photography

Troy Paiva's night photography site Lost America was included in Jonathan Haeber's Encarta article titled "Extreme Photography: Urban Exploration". This article is actually part of a larger set of articles on Career Training, which might seem unusual because I don't think very many photographers make a living from urban exploration. But, I may be wrong.

Urban exploration, by the way, refers to the examination of places that are usually off-limits to the rest of the world (we used to call it tresspassing when I was a kid, but now I know better because I'm more mature and more worldly). There has always been a big overlap between night photographers and urban explorers. Everyone has their own theories as to why that is. Wikipedia has a good introduction to urban exploration, along with links to more in-depth UE websites.

Thanks to Lance Keimig for finding this one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, Jon Haeber is a bay area photographer/explorer too. His flickr handle is tunnelbug

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