Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ryan Cooley

Last March I blogged about Massachusetts night photographer student Cade Overton. Recently, I also came across another night photographer from Clark Uninversity, Ryan Cooley. Ryan's website has a great collection of night photography, commercial fashion photography and some good-old gritty, urban shots. I love this shot below, Natick Park-and-Ride, because at first it looks like a rather simple setup. But the more I look at I see and interesting pair of buildings, that cool, bare tree in the center, and very unimposing set of highway signs in the far right. The building on the left has an unusual, spooky lighting.

(Natick Park-and-Ride, by Ryan Cooley)

Take a few minutes and browse through some Ryan's website.


Blogger pilgrimchick said...

I like this shot, although it being a Park and Ride is a little creepy.

8:19 PM  

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