Sunday, March 28, 2010

Night Photography Documentary Film - Now on YouTube

Six years ago I produced a short documentary film on night photography. The title, Night of the Living Photographers, seemed clever at the time. Six years later, with titles and credits already made, I really wish I had come up with a better title. This film, the first of its kind, was originally hosted on, an early video-hosting service that predated YouTube. But the world has changed. Studentfilms doesn't host films anymore, and YouTube has become the most popular site for that sort of thing.

Last weekend, I took a big jump into the second decade of the 21st century, and re-hosted the film on YouTube. You can watch part one, part two and part three and listen to rocking soundtrack for free.

(Bodie 2004, the shot that I used in the film)

Along with the original interviews with Howie Spielman, Troy Paiva, Larrie Thomson, Lance Keimeg and Tom Paiva, the latest version (I hesitate to call it the "director's cut") includes a great interview with night photography pioneer Steve Harper (the interview was conducted by Tim Baskerville of The Nocturnes).

(Bodie 2006, the shot that I wished I had used in the film)

I hope you enjoy it. And please let me know what you think. I'm always kicking around the idea of doing a "Part II" featuring a few new photographers, and I'm always looking for ideas how to make the new version more interesting.


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Nice. I watched that video about a year ago...and I came a across this blog a few months ago. Didn't know they were both yours. I think I went to watch that video again recently but it didn't work anymore. Thanks for the inspiration.


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