Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wayne Jiang

A few weeks ago I came across an article in the San Jose Metro Magazine about local artist Wayne Jiang. Wayne has painted an impressive collection of night paintings, most of them from my stomping grounds of San Jose, CA. I've always been interested in seeing how other night photographers interpret the same location that I've photographed or visited. But to see this in a different media is amazing.

("Nightlights" - painting by Wayne Jiang)

One of the amazing things about Wayne's paintings, aside from the top-notch technique and craftsmanship, is that he seems to be exploring many of the same themes that you see in the better night photographs. For lack of better imagination on my own part, I'll just quote Tim Baskerville: "Surrealism, the mystery of place, solitude, and a heightened sense of the nature of things."

("Babe's Mufflers" - Painting by Wayne Jiang)

Unfortunately, the Metro article about Wayne is not on-line yet.

Wayne's Jiang's work is on exhibit at History San Jose through May 30, 2010.


Anonymous Joe said...

Thanks for posting this work -- it's always interesting to see a painter's interpretation of night scenes, especially in nearby territory!

8:21 PM  

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