Sunday, April 26, 2009

Workshop with Aaron Hobson

Aaron Hobson has been producing some wonderful panoramic, self-portrait narratives in upstate New York. His work spans both daytime and night photography, always with amazing results. Fortunately, for admirers of his work, Aaron will be leading a 3-day workshop dedicated to narrative, or mise-en-scene, photography where, "every element of the scene contributes to it's meaning". The workshop will be held in upstate New York surrounded by forests, mountains and abandoned buildings, including the remains of an iron ore mill once owned by Benedict Arnold.

(64 Mercury, by Aaron Hobson)

One great aspect of the workshop is that the event concludes with a show of the attendees' work at a local art space, complete with an opening reception, press releases and all of the excitement that goes with an art show. The workshop runs August 13-15. For more information, check out the Barkeaterphotography web page.


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Sincere Congratulations! You make us all proud; well done.

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