Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Night and Low-Light Photography

This has been a busy summer for night photography books. First, Troy Paiva's long-awaited second book Night Vision: The Art of Urban Exploration comes out. Next, Jill Waterman's new book Night and Low-Light Photography was released early this month. The subtitle "Professional techniques from experts for artistic and commercial success" sums it up quite well, although they could also add "includes lots of beautiful photographs".

As the Introduction says,

In Night & Low Light Photography, author Jill Waterman looks at the work of 30 top professionals, examining their real-life projects as well as their tips, techniques, and unique approaches.

The result is a beautiful yet practical compendium covering every aspect of night and low-light photography–digital and film capture in all formats, color and black & white, commercial and fine art. The moon and stars, weather conditions, atmospheric effects, cityscapes, industrial light, night events, night landscapes.

All this and more is presented in a lavishly illustrated, one-volume resource–an indispensable guide for those seeking insight, inspiration and provocation in making pictures at night.

Well, that certainly sounds better than anything I could have written. I'm especially proud to have been included in the thirty photographers whose work and techniques have been included in this great book (shameless self-promotion #1). If you're familiar with night photography, you'll probably recognize many of the contributors to this book; which includes Tim Baskerville, Tom Paiva, Lance Keimig, Troy Paiva, Steve Harper and many others. In fact, you can also hear many of those photographers speak about their work in my documentary film on night photography (shameless self-promotion #2).

(Warming Hut, by Andy Frazer)

There is a comprehensive website with more information about this book, including contributors' portfolios, a featured artist, and blog.

Published by Amphoto Books, the book is 208 high-quality pages of great reading and looking. You can buy your copy right now from Amazon, or many other locations.


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