Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lynn Saville

In 1997 Lynn Saville published her night photography in Aquainted with the Light. This summer, Lynn has a solo exhibition of night photography at the Montgomery Museum of Art (Montgomery, Alabama). The show is called NIGHT/SHIFT and is on view from April through August, 2008.

(Erie Lackanawan #18, by Lynn Saville)

From the Montgomery Museum's website: "Lynn Saville, a native of North Carolina who now lives and works in New York City, has braved the mysterious darkness and captured oddly enchanted images for us to inspect and enjoy. Working with a large-format camera, she has produced both color and black and white prints that transport us vicariously into places where we might not feel safe to go in person, at night, alone."

The reception for the artist is Thursday, July 10th 6 - 8 pm


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