Monday, September 03, 2007

Bill Schwab

When I began doing night photography eight years ago, Bill Schwab was one of the few photographers on the internet with a really strong website. Bill is a professional photographer who works in the Detroit, MI area. Many of his unique black-and-white night photographs were taken under snowy or foggy conditions.

(Snow Dog, by Bill Schwab)

(Late February Thaw, by Bill Schwab)

Most of Bill's more recent night work (and long-exposure daytime work) has been done in Iceland. Bill also prints many of his special editions in the platinum process, which lends itself very well to his monochrome images. I own a copy of Bill's first book "Gathering Calm", which contains many beautiful b/w images. It is currently sold out, but a second edition may become available soon.

A few years ago, Mike Quinn and I spent over an hour talking to Bill at the PhotoSF show. I can vouch for him that he is a wonderful person to talk to. Bill leads photography workshops in Iceland that include the gum-over-platinum/palladium process. If you decide to sign-up, please let Bill know that you heard about it here.

Bill is represented by The Halsted Gallery, as well as Brian Kelly's wonderful The Photography Room. I'll have a seperate post about Brian Kelly's great night photography work in the near future.


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