Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Night Photography Lexicon

Have you ever found yourself struggling to describe to people what you're trying to accomplish when you do night photography? There's an interesting discussion going on at Joe Reifer's Words blog regarding the language (or lexicon) of photographing abandoned buildings at night.

As Joe describes,

[T]he point of this exercise is to help further establish a language about abandoned places night photography (APNP) that connects this work to earlier precedents in the photography and art worlds.

My main purpose in this task is to help educate influencers in the art world and customers in order to better promote this type of work. The question is involves a combination of self discovery, art history, and marketing. Reducing the mystery of APNP down to more simple concepts that can be more easily understood by both the art world and the general public will benefit all photographers working in this genre.


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