Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Night Skye Blog

Lance Keimig of The Night Skye has been shooting at night much longer than I have. He already has a great website of his night work, and now he has a blog, too.

(photo by Lance Keimig)

Lance was one of my original night photogrpaphy instructors when I took the Nocturnes Workshop in San Francisco back in 2002. He was featured my night photography documentary film Night of the Living Photographers *. We filmed Lance's segment at Lance's Mono Lake Night Photography Workshop in 2004.

Although Lance often uses a digital camera for his professional photographic work, he still prefers to use traditional black-and-white film for his fine art work. He also uses an Ebony 23SW camera, which is even more unusual.

* Note. I have since updated this film to include a segment with Steve Harper, the first person to teach a college-level course in night photography. However, this new version has not been uploaded, yet. But it will, soon.


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