Sunday, February 11, 2007

Avedon's "In the American West"

We interrupt our regularly-scheduled night photogrpahy posts for an important announcement...

I try to keep this blog focused 100% on night photography. When I find something worth posting that's not directly related to night photography, I try to twist it to find something of interest to night photographers. But this morning I read something in the newspaper that I have to share and, I have to admit, I can't find any connection between this story and night photography.

Before I got hooked on night photography eight years ago, portraiture was one of my favorite photographic outlets. In particular, Richard Avedon's In the American West was my absolute favorite portraiture project that I had ever seen.

("Sandra Bennett, twelve year old, Rocky Ford, Colorado, August 23, 1980", by Richard Avedon)

A few months ago I got a copy of Avedon at Work in the American West by Laura Wilson. This behind-the-scenes version of In the American West re-sparked my interest in Richard Avedon and portraiture. This morning I noticed that this show is actually on display, as we speak, just up the road at Stanford University (near Palo Alto, CA).

The show, titled In the American West, Photographs by Richard Avedon
, is at the Cantor Center for the Arts (on the Stanford campus) through May 6th, 2007. And the best part... it's free!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Andy -

Have you seen the documentary about Avedon called Darkness and Light? Highly recommended. Out of print, but Netflix has it.



10:39 AM  
Blogger G Dan Mitchell said...


Score two for your blog. Recently I saw your note about the Mare Island Night Photography Workshop and managed to get into it - and really enjoyed Tim Baskerville's introduction to this genre.

And today you informed me that "In the American West" is at Stanford! I also recently received a copy of the book and was fascinated by it - the photography and other details of the project. Also like you, I plan to head "up the peninsula" to see that show now that I know about it. (I'm a faculty member at De Anza College in Cupertino.)



12:40 PM  

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