Monday, February 26, 2007

Fulvio Bortolozzo's Show "Olimpia"

A few days ago I mentioned Fulvio Bortolozzo, an Italian night photographer whom I was not previously aware of (yes, I end my sentences with propositions... deal with it). Fulvio has a show called "Olimpia" coming up next month in Torino, Italy. I've tried to justify to my wife that I *need* to attend this one, but she's not going for it.

(photo by Fulvio Bortolozzo)

"OLIMPIA" photographs by Fulvio Bortolozzo
TORINO (Italy) MARCH 6 - APRIL 28, 2007

OPEN: from hours 18,00 of MARCH 6, 2007

LIBRERIA AGORÀ, via Santa Croce 0/E, TORINO (Italy)
HOURS: from Tuesday to Saturday 9,30 - 19,00, Monday 15,30-19,00 (closed Sunday)
INFO: tel. +39 011 835.973

This is the first exhibition of the project "Olimpia" in Torino. "Olimpia", realized during the years 2004-2006, is a photographic trace of the nocturnal movements of the author through the new city landscape of "olympic" Torino observed in the night for best concentration of the look.


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