Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Gem

I love this shot of the D.O.T. "Ready Fleet" at Alameda Point (Alameda, CA) taken by Rikki Feldman. Rikki has been shooting with the rest of the scraggly Bay Area night photography crew for over a year. Rikki seems to have an endless supply of great abandoned locations to shoot at night.

(Photo by Rikki Feldman)

Alameda Point was formerly the Alameda Naval Air Station. It has now been turned over to the City of Alameda as a playground for night photographers... No, not really. It's been turned over to the City of Alameda for residential and commercial use. It's open to the public, and it's got some great sightseeing. If you live near Alameda, please check it out before the city builds it's oceanfront shops and hotels and other horrible stuff. You can also visit the USS Hornet; an aircraft carrier that's open to the public.

It seems that the night crew got harassed by security when they were shooting the above location. That seems a bit ridiculous to me because if all of us combined all of our shots of the Ready Fleet, we probably have every possible angle in the collection. Also, it seems that only some people get harassed shooting around these ships. One night that I was there about a year ago, one person in our group got harassed by the security, but the other two didn't.

Maybe the solution is to spread out with lots of photographers, and then all share your shots afterwards :-)


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