Wednesday, December 06, 2006

William Gedney

A few years ago I came across the photography of William Gedney. Gedney worked from the 1950's through the 1980's traveling across the US photographing people in a style that reminded me of the FSA photographers during the Great Depression. Duke University has archived Gedney's photographs, which includes over 700 night photographs taken between 1954 and 1984.

(photo: William Gedney)

The Cross Country Night category also includes some additional shots of San Francisco. When I first visited this site a few years ago, the first San Francisco night photograph that I found was a shot of the coffee shop where fellow night photographer Mike Quinn had a permanent installation of his night photographs (strangely enough, I can't find that photograph on this website, anymore). Gedney considered calling his night series "The Single Future of the Night". The Duke university website also includes a lot of Gedney's personal writings.

Thanks to Consientious, once again, for reminding me about Gedney's website.


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