Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Holga Factor

It's easy to get caught on the "better equipment leads to better photographs" treadmill. Last weekend I was sorting out my camara closet. I may not have the best equipment, but I seem to have an awful lot of what I do have. Maybe I should think about upgrading my camera body? It works fine for me, but it is over four years old [sounds of shock fill the audience]. It's so old that readers don't even post messages to the DPReview forum about it anymore.

What's better than seeing an outstanding night photograph taken with a sub-$899 camera? The answer: seeing an outstanding night photograph taken with a sub-$20 camera!
(photo: Susanne Friedrich)

Joe Reifer posted this great shot of Sutro Baths taken by San Francisco night photographer Susanne Friedrich. As Joe points out, the Holga is a plastic medium format camera. The lenses quality is atrocious. That's why photographers love them.


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Our local Krappy Kamera Club (think toy cameras (Holga, Diana etc), pinholes, vintage box cameras and so on) has set itself "night photography" as its December assignment. It's early days yet, but we'll be posting som eof the results here.

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