Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy Night Holidays

I've been working on some end-of-the-year and Christmas-stocking blog posts. But due to lots of seasonal obligations, I haven't been able to finish any of them.

(photo: Deborah Rourke)

Before anyone loses the post-Christmas spirit, I'd like to share this photograph with everyone. It was taken by Deborah Rourke. I was looking for a night photograph that captures the season spirit, without using the cliched photograph of a house overwhelmed by Christmas lights. I think this shot is wonderful because it has the traditional season icons of lights in the shape of a tree. Most importantly, it seems to capture the feeling of a comfortable home, but also a sense of isolation. I love that lone lightpost towards the end of the pier.

As for the holiday season blog posts that I've been working on, somehow I'll have to work them in to next year's non-seasonal posts. The next full moon is Wednesday, January 3rd. But I'll be traveling that week, so I probably won't shoot under the full moon in January (that just means I'll have to do at least one make-up shoot someother time in the year).


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