Friday, October 06, 2006

Juliane Eirich

When I was reading one of my favorite photography blogs, Conscientious, this morning, I came across the German photographer Juliane Eirich. She has a lot of night photography under her Architecture and Landscapes links.

(photo Juliane Eirich)

Joerg Colberg, the editor of Conscientious, wrote "Unlike many other night-time photographers, she doesn't go for illumiated scenes - which then often just look gimmicky. But, instead, looks for something else."

Putting aside his comment about "looking gimmicky", I have to disagree with his second comment. Actually, the majority of her night shots were taken in illuminated scenes. The Night in Bavaria Trees seems to be the exception, rather than the rule. Still, the Schools and Construction Sites galleries display the popular trend in German photography which includes very simple, straight-forward scenes, often devoid of people.

Correction: Joerg told me that his comment about "illuminated scenes" refered to neon lights and spotlights, not ambient nighttime lighting.


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