Monday, September 18, 2006

The Ultimate Junkyard

Night photographers love abandoned places full of junk. One of the most intriguing junkyards are the airplane "graveyards" in Arizona and the Mojave Desert.

(photo: Joe Reifer)

Earlier this month, while many other Nocturnes were sneaking through an overgrown abandoned Naval base and evading security guards in the middle of the night, Joe Reifer and Troy Paiva did some shooting at the airplane salvage yard in the Mojave. A short review of this trip is available on Mike Johnston's The Online Photographer, along with links to each of Troy's and Joe's photographs from this trip.

(photo: Troy Paiva)

I was planning on publishing this article yesterday, but Mike beat me to it. That's OK, though, because his blog really is one of the most important photography sites on the internet. If you're not already reading TOLP, as he likes to call it, you should be.


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