Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thomas Weinberger

Although many "day photographers" have never tried shooting at night, most night photographers do a lot of productive shooting during the day. It's just that we don't share as many of our day photography on the internet. Although I'm always looking for subjects that would make great night photographs, it's not unusual to find a particular location that looks better during the day. And sometimes, I can't decide if it looks better during the day, or if it looks better during the night.

How is one supposed to resolve such Earth-shattering questions without sending humanity, as we know it, on a downward spiral from which it will never recover?

(photo: Thomas Weinberger)

Thomas Weinberger has one answer. Using a large-format camera, he exposes each negative twice from the same angle: one exposure during the day, and one exposure during the night. This gives his images an eerie effect that looks like a night photograph... but doesn't... sort of.

Thanks to Conscientious for the link.


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