Thursday, August 03, 2006

Alcatraz "Night" Photography Trip

Keeble & Shuchat in Palo Alto, CA, is hosting a photography workshop on Alcatraz on October 10, 2006. The brochure mentions an opportunity to do night photography on Alcatraz. However, the trip only lasts until 9:00pm, so it's not clear how much night photography you'll be able to do before the last ferry boat leaves the island.

Also, the brochure mentions an "82% full moon". But according to the US Naval Observatory website, moonrise is at precisely 9:00pm that night. So, it's not clear to me how much of the moon you'll see until you get back on the ferry boat.

I won't be able to make this trip. But if anyone out there makes it, please send me a link to your best night shots and I'll post them on this blog.

(Thanks to Joe Reifer for pointing out the late moonrise schedule).


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