Thursday, July 06, 2006

Nuclear Night Lighting

Here's an opportunity for night photography that none of us will, hopefully, ever have the opportunity to shoot.

(photographer unkown)

Between 1951-1995, several above-ground atomic tests at the Nevada Proving Grounds lit up the night sky in Los Angeles. The LA Public Library has six of these photographs on file (the photographs and more story are available here, on BoingBoing).

And to think, we complain about the orange glow in the sky from sodium vapor lights. This photographer had lots more to be worried about, although he probably didn't even know it at the time.

(photographer unkown)

This photo-op ranks right up there with Bill Brandt's night photographs of bombed-out London during the mandatory black-outs during WWII. He had plenty to worry about, at the time, too.

I found this story on BoingBoing.


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