Monday, June 12, 2006

Tom Paiva

I first saw Tom Paiva's night photography when I took the Nocturnes workshop back in 2002. Tom works in Los Angeles, where he is an established commercial photographer specializing in the maritime industry. Most of his work features heavy industrial locations lit with ambient, artificial light (e.g., sodium vapor and mercuy vapor).

(photo: Tom Paiva)

Tom is one of a small breed of night photographers who shoot large format (4"x5") negatives. He recently updated his website, which features a new layout and some great new work.

He also has a stunning, large-format book of his night photography titled "Industrial Night".

(photo: Tom Paiva)

And, if you're still clammering for more, Tom is also featured in my night photography documentary film, which you can view on-line for free.

Tom will be teaching at the Mono Lake Night Photography Workshop in August, along with Lance Keimig and Tim Baskerville.


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