Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mono Lake Night Photography Workshop

Lance Keimig and Tim Baskerville (my two original instructors from the Nocturnes night photography workshop) have just announced the final schedule for the Mono Lake Night Photography workshop to be held near Mono Lake this August 5-8th.

(photo: Andy Frazer)

This year the workshop will be organized as a conference with inclusive presentations and lectures, followed by night photography trips to Mono Lake, Tioga Pass, a burned-out (ex) Jeffrey pine forest (the name of which, none of us have been able to identify) and Bodie ghost town. Hands-on workshop instruction will be offered as an option. But don't listen to me. Just read the details on the link above.

I attended this workshop two years ago. I met some great night photographers from the East Coast, learned a lot of new tricks, and really had a blast. Also, I almost "accidentally" visited an unscheduled ghost town at 2am... but that's another story.

Note: It's almost impossible to get access to Bodie at night without special (i.e., expensive) permits. So, if you're thinking of stopping by there some night on your own, don't bother. This isn't the neighborhood cemetary. The Mono Lake workshop is one of the few ways to get access to the ghost town at night.

Thanks to Joe Reifer for brining the workshop announcement to my attention.


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