Monday, April 17, 2006

Lost America

Back when night photography was so esoteric that nobody even talked about night photography, Troy Paiva was developing a method to light up buildings at night with colored gels and a hand-held flash. He spent years photographing abandoned towns and mines across the southwest United States; many of which have been torn down and replaced by modern buildings. The accumulation of his work resulted in the classic night photography website Lost America , as well as a companion book “Lost America: The Abandoned Roadside West”

(photo: Troy Paiva)

One of Troy’s most stunning projects is his work in the “airplane graveyards” at night around Mojave, CA and Tucson, AZ He describes it as “the ultimate junkyard”.

(photo: Troy Paiva)

Which brings me to another shameless plug for one of my projects… Troy talks more about the airplane junkyards in my documentary film which you can view on-line for free.


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