Thursday, May 25, 2006

Joe Reifer

One of my original goals for the night photography blog was to talk about night photographers other than myself. This includes photographers who have influenced my work, photographers who have published noteworthy photography books, photographers who I shoot with, and last but not least, photography sites that I've stumbled across on the internet. Of course, they all need to be night photographers. We're not talking about those people who need daylight to operate a camera.

One of the photographers who I shoot with at night recently updated his website, so this would be a great time to mention him. I met Joe Reifer a year ago when we were both shooting out at Treasure Island on a very overcast cold summer night (remember, this is San's not unusual to be cold in the summer and warm in the winter). I was with my "gang" that night, and he was with his "gang". Our two gangs collided with, fortunately, a happy outcome. That night I met three new night photographers, and that connection eventually lead to meeting two more night photographers (all of whom I will eventually feature in this blog). In July, a few of those photographers, along with Joe, will be having a show of their work in Alameda, CA (more details to come).

(photo: Joe Reifer)

The photo above is one my favorite of Joe's recent shots.

Here is the link to Joe's website, and here is the link to his Flickr photos.


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