Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Security Guards

Night photographers, as a group, seem to be attracted to photographing buildings on the edge of civilization: abandoned buildings, fenced-off buildings, and, generally, locations that we're just not supposed to be inside. In today's paranoid world, it's not unusual to run into mainstream buildings that someone thinks you're not supposed to photograph because... well... because some people feel like they're doing their part to help national security by trying to stop you.

(photo: Thomas Hawk)

It's all a bit silly, but some people feel they need to do something to stomp out evil.

Read Thomas Hawk's encounter with a security guard when he tried to photograph a modern office building in San Francisco. This incident is different than previous stories you may have heard about poor-little-photographers trying to take a snapshot of an office building. In Thomas' case (not his real name), he photographed the security boss flipping him off. His photograph is now part of the Flickr "GFY" group :-)


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