Thursday, July 16, 2009

Odds and Ends: Reviews, Shows and Workshops

Some night photography odds and ends:

(Photo by Mike Hows)

1. Troy Paiva and Joe Reifer will be hosting a ONE-NIGHT light painting workshop at the Big M Automotive yard in Williams, CA on Saturday, September 5th. This is different than their weekend workshops which are held at the Pearsonville Junkyard. See Joe's blog for more information.

2. Troy and Joe will join Mike Hows for a night photography show of their Big M Automotive work at Lucky Ju Ju Pinball Art Gallery in Alameda, CA. The reception will be Friday, September 4th. Lucky Ju Ju's is a great place to hang out and play some vintage pinball machines. See Joe's blog for more information.

3. Nocturne's founder Tim Baskerville has written an eloquent review of Lynn Saville's latest book Night Shift on The Nocturnes Blog.

4. Tim will also be hosting another San Francisco Bay Area Nocturnes Workshop on September 3-5th, along with a followup meeting on the 12th.

5. The deadline for entries in the Nocturnes' Pannocturnist photo contest is July 31st!

6. If you haven't noticed, the sun began setting earlier about one week ago. Longer nights are on their way!


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