Thursday, May 24, 2007

Night Photography Website Update

After more than one year, I've updated the content of my night photography website.

(Burned Trailer, by Andy Frazer)

Previously, I posted my favorite night photographs to my personal website, while I updated all of my new stuff to my Flickr account. I had planned to updated my personal website once a year. But that's no match for my Flickr account, which gets a bit of an update every time I upload new material, which is a few times per week! So, to simply things, I replaced all of my website's galleries with links to my Flickr sets.

I was afraid that it wouldn't look consistent. But now I'm really beginning to like how it turned out.

I've also updated my home page photo with the one above. It was taken at an abandoned resort building east of Oakland, CA, while shooting the May full moon (NOT!) with Troy Paiva and Rikki Feldman. Ironically, even though we were shooting on a Tuesday night, and under cloudy skies, we ran into more unexpected "guests" than any night that I've ever been shooting in the past eight years. We even ran into a group of four "legitimate" paranormals (i.e., ghost chasers).


Blogger pitchertaker said...

While I have used you web site as examples for several of my students who are shooting at night, I've got to say that glaring white background is just killing your night images. Face it, most night images will tend to be low key, darker images, and the bright white surrounding those images is a distraction and deadens the bright colors. Just a thought....


7:04 AM  
Blogger Cade Overton said...

As one of Pitchertaker's aforementioned students, let me just say that I love those clouds. Shooting in the city has gotten me so used to streetlights providing (and sometimes hogging) all of the available highlights, and I think it's sort of interesting to see a night image with a sky that isn't necessarily black. There is something to be said for the capture of night time in a location without plentiful artificial light.

3:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like this shot. Cool colors in the picture.

5:00 PM  

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