Sunday, March 15, 2009

Christian Hogue

Norwegian photographer Christian Hogue combines three of my favorite elements: night photography, panoramic photography, and crummy weather. His projects Arctic Technology and Barentsburg were shot on the way-north archipelego of Spitsbergen, where he's documenting the declining Soviet mining and Air Force settlements.

Check out his website for lots of beautiful full-screen versions similar to the image below.

(Photo by Christian Hogue)

Christian currently has his "Arctic Technology" on show in San Francisco at the Hosfelt Gallery (430 Clementina), through March 21.


Blogger Michael said...

Hey, terrific site! I've been exploring night photography lately and have been loving the results. As a long time blogger, I know that it takes real effort to run a site like this. I've bookmarked you, and will definitely be returning.

9:47 AM  

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