Sunday, November 09, 2008

Mark Jaremko: Night Photographers and the Critical Mass

Photo Lucidia Critical Mass is an annual photography contest where 175 finalists are selected to compete for one of three book awards. One of the interesting things about the Photo Lucidia programs is the calibre of the jurors. The Critical Mass finalists go on to be judged by 200 of the world's best editors, curators and professionals. Not only can you win a book deal, but you can get your work directly exposed to the biggies in the industry.

The list of this year's finalists has been announced. I noticed at least two night photographers in the list; one is Amanda Friedman (who I blogged about just last week), and the other is Bay Area night photographer Mark Jaremko.

(Photo by Mark Jaremko)

Mark's night photographs often focus on the details in the horizon. He's also a bit of an expert on the comparitive differences of digital cameras at night. When I wrote my long exposure review of the Canon 40D, he called me and immediately asked me to put my new camera in the refrigerator; take a 30-minute dark frame exposure; and send it to him. Regrettably, I never finished that experiment (Sorry, Mark). Mark has often presented this fascinating data some of The Nocturnes night photography workshops in San Francisco.

If there are any other night photographers on the list, please let me know and I'll post it, right here.


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