Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Flavia Sollner

Flavia Sollner is a German-born photographer who works in London, UK and Oslo, Norway. Her portfolio of night photography includes work that is mysterious and seems to include more dark space than lighting. She writes:

"It is the underlying, the hidden emotions that interest me. The Fear, deep rooted in us all, Anxiety and Paranoia - the real and the imaginary - buried deep within."

("The Tail of Our Purloined Breath", by Flavia Sollner)

There's definitely a difference between Flavia's work and most of the contemporary night photography that we see in galleries and on the internet today. Most of today's work seems to focus on heavy, careful lighting, whereas Flavia's work seems to focus on the lack of lighting across the frame.

OK, that description may not make sense, but it's the best I can think of right now. What do you think? Can anyone explain this more eloquently?

Found in Jorg Colberg's Conscientious blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a modification of your description of Sollner's work. While most night photographers seem intent on turning night into day, Sollner seems content with keeping night, night. Blinding light, high contrast, scary areas that you can't see into. It's very much the retina burn after a car headlights pass you on an unlit street. Short exposures echoing a scary night experience. Certainly not the sense that your eyes have adjusted to the night, like other photographers exhibit.

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