Wednesday, December 19, 2007

James Rotz

James Rotz is an Indiana-based photographer. There's lots of suburban night photographer in his Regions project.

(Photo by James Rotz)

The image above not only includes the popular night photography motif of a smokestack with a flowing stream of steam (ouch, that sounds awkward...), but I love how the smokestack is placed right up against the residential houses. I assume the smokestack is from a nuclear plant, but who knows for sure?


Blogger Unknown said...

That 'smoke stack' is a cooling tower stack. You did get the steam right but no smoke, barring a disaster, ever goes up that stack.

It could be at a nuke plant, but some large fossil fired plants have those type of stacks. Officially it would be a hyperbolic cooling tower.

If it is a fossil plant the it does have one or more real smoke stacks somewhere on the plant site

3:21 PM  
Blogger Out From Behind the Camera said...

Love this picture...great angle.


11:21 AM  

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