Tuesday, July 17, 2007

July Night Photography News

I've just returned from a week's vacation in Montana. This time I chose not to have any internet contact with the outside world, so this blog has been quiet for a while. When I returned, I immediately checked two of my favorite sources for night photography news: Tim Baskerville's Nocturnes Night Photography Blog, and Joe Reifer's Words. It looks like there's been quite a lot going on since I left for Montana:

First, Brian Chapman and Lance Keimig are teaching a night photography workshop at the Pacific Center Northwest in Seattle, WA, on August 24-27. I've known Lance since I took a Nocturne's night photography workshop from him in San Francisco five years ago. I shot with Brian last year at Mono Lake. I highly recommend both of them as instructors and all-around great people to shoot with. There's more information at the PCN website.

Second, and speaking of Lance Keimig, Lance has an article in the July/August issue of Architecture Boston titled "The Tradition and Technology of Night Photography". You may recall that the Boston Public Library recently purchased some of Lance's incredible night photographs for their permanent collection.

Third, the Victorville Daily Press ran an article about Troy Paiva's night photography throughout the desert.

If the summer sky is hampering your night shooting, as it often does here in the San Francisco Bay Area, then you can at least catch up on your night photography reading.


Blogger falmanac said...

Summer brings out the night shooter in me. It may not be clear, but it's cooler - and I'm not all that lunacentric to begin with, more of a street-light fan. One man's poison ...

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