Saturday, January 27, 2007

Time Lapse (looks like night)

While we're talking about time lapse movies shot with a DSLR, Christopher Drost has created an eery time-lapse film with a DSLR. At first, I thought this was a film of the moon, but it's actually the sun taken in our very cold neighborly Canada.

(photo: Christopher Drost)

Christoper is better known to Flickr readers as Nice+Smooth Ultramedia. He's a photographer and musician with one of Canada's oldest electronic bands Kinderatom, which blends visual landscapes with appropriate soundscapes from the nice+smooth recording label for an "immersive multi-flickr-media experience".

Many night photographers talk about their need to capture the feeling of the night in their photography. But using still-frame night photography to create a time-lapse film seems like it would have great potential to capture that elusive feeling. I expect we'll see a lot more projects like this in the next year or so.


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