Saturday, November 25, 2006

Anja Jensen

This morning, I was reading Joerg Colberg's wonderful photogrphy blog Conscientious, and I came across the German photographer Anja Jensen's work. Anja has done a lot of coreographed night photography which explores our sense of security (or lack of it, as Colberg points out).

(photo: Anja Jensen)

Her photographs are made to look like surveillance photographs, with carefully placed spotlights and some colored light thrown in for effect. Her website says that she used to work as a baggage screener at a local airport, so I guess she has a good sense of how pry into people's personal life with cameras.

In a way, I find her work slightly annoying. Primarily because it's an idea that I've been working on, myself. She beat me to it, and has a done a fine job of it. We'll see what I come up with now that I have to put my own twist on this idea.


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