Friday, November 17, 2006

Andrew Emond

Many night photographers are fascinated with abandoned buildings. In most cases, the bigger and more industrial-looking, the better. Ironically, one of the most popular geographical areas to be a night photographer, the San Francisco Bay Area, has a rather limited availability of big, abandoned industrial sites. Part of our problem in the Bay Area is the stratospheric property values. Nothing goes abandoned here for very long. It's not unheard of to bulldoze a historical property in order to turn a few bucks.

Of course, abandoned industrial sites are more common is places that used to host large industrial economic bases, such as the Great Lakes region in the United States and Canada. Andrew Emond is one photographer who is producing an amazing body of work photographing abandoned power plants and factories around America's Rust Belt (especially Buffalo, New York ) and southeastern Canada.

(photo: Andrew Emond)

The photograph above of a grain elevator in Montreal, is just one of many great night shots from Andrew's photoblog Worksongs. Worksongs is not exclusively night photographs. He's an urban explorer extraordinaire. Many of his shots are taken during the day, and many are deep underground where there's no light of day. But there are many night shots available on his site, such as the one above, all of which are well-executed.

It almost makes me want to pack up my tripod and cable release, and do a road trip up that part of the country(ies).


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Include the NE part of this country. Providence, Worcester, Nashua are some examples that have plenty of industrial leftovers. These factories are easy to access, and there are plenty of foggy evenings to help scatter city lights to illuminate them.

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