Monday, October 16, 2006


Another talented Bay Area night photographer, Joe Reifer, recently launched his personal blog Perpendicularity.

I've been shooting at night with Joe for almost two years. Last year, Joe was instrumental in bringing together many old and new night photographers in the Bay Area. Some of these photographers brought a level of enthusiasm to the party that really seems to have invigorated the Bay Area night photography community.

(Unauthorized photo of Joe Reifer, by Susanna Friedrich)

A few months after I first met Joe, he arranged for a few of us to have the opportunity to photograph Preston Castle at night. Not only had I never shot there before, but I had never even heard of Preston Castle. I also thank Joe for introducing me to my favorite online photo-sharing site (Flickr!), my favorite digital processing lab for inexpensive proofs (WHCC), and for giving me advice that ultimately saved me $150 when I bought a new flash last summer. If I keep going, he'll probably get a big head. So I'll stop right here with the accolades.

(Preston Castle photo: Andy Frazer. Million thanks: Joe Reifer)

Perpendicularity will cover many topics in addition to photography: including music, techie toys and, knowing Joe, camera equipment. But knowing Joe's passion for night photography, I'm sure there will be plenty of nocturnal news, too.

Joe will also be participating in Studio Nocturne this weekend at Fort Mason, in San Francisco, CA. Studio Nocturne will include night photography by thirteen photographers. I will not be displaying any of my work at Studio Nocturne, but I will be hanging around on Saturday (October 21). Admission is free.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Andy -

Thanks for the link and the accolades! I had a change of heart about the blog name and decided to go with something more boring.

It's been really fun shooting with you over the last coupla years. The Preston shot you posted is one of my favorites anyone shot at that location.

And folks, Andy is being modest - he'll be screening his cool movie "Night of the Living Photographers" at Studio Nocturne, directly next to where my prints are hanging. Hope to see you there!

8:55 PM  

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