Thursday, July 27, 2006

Susanne Friedrich

I've been shooting at night with Susanne Friedrich for about four years. I first met her on an overnight trip to Angel Island, sponsored by the Nocturnes. While most of the photographers were showing off their Hassleblad's and high-end 35mm cameras, Susanne was carrying around a pair of $20 Holgas (medium format "toy" cameras) wrapped up with electrical tape. Looking through a Holga lens is a bit like looking through the bottom of a glass Coke bottle. Their manufacturing defects are their charm.

(photo: Susanne Friedrich)

Although Susanne uses a Hasselblad for her professional work, she often uses the Holgas to create some beautiful night photographs with a pictorialist.

(photo: Susanne Friedrich)

Susanne is a professional portrait photographer and web designer. She has designed websites for many night photographers, including the Nocturnes and Lance Keimig's TheNightSkye.


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