Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Nocturnes Biennial Contest

Tim Baskerville of The Nocturnes just released the names of the winners in the Nocturnes 2006 Biennial on-line night photography contest, which was judged by Lance Keimig.

The winner this time was Tom Morrow, of San Carlos, CA.

(photo: Tom Morrow)

As usual, there were a lot of great entries from other photographers. If you've got the time, I really suggest that you browse through all of the entries from the past contests, too. It's a great way to sample a lot of different night photographers, including many who... gasp!... don't even have a website.

If you missed this contest, you can get in on the next one. Just visit the Nocturnes website and email either Tim or Susan to get on their e-mail list. They'll keep you informed of future contests which are, typically, twice per year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Incredible color and composition! Reminds me of the movie "War of the Worlds".

9:11 PM  

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