Tuesday, July 25, 2006

How to Be Creative

A few months ago I read an interesting article in Lenswork Magazine. The article was titled "How to Be Creative". It was written by work-at-home marketing/PR guywho is using his blog, The Gaping Void, to promote a small South African winery called Stormhoek.

(copyright Hugh MacLeod)

Aside from his interesting ideas about creativity, and how to reconcile your art with your "day gig", I found his whole blog and some of his marketing ideas to be fascinating. In fact, his ideas were the main reason that I began this blog. One of his beliefs is to give information away on a regular basis in order to build trust from your audience. That's why the creativity article is on-line, in its entirety.

(copyright Hugh MacLeod)

I would recomend any artist (even the most elite of artists: the night photographers) to read this article, and take some time to browse through Hugh's blog (and, just maybe, try his client's wine).


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