Friday, July 21, 2006

China Camp

A few days ago I mentioned the latest Nocturnes on-line photography contest. Although I missed the deadline for this contest, I've participated in many of the Nocturnes contests in the past. They're a great way to get your work judged up against many other night photographers, and to get your work "out there" and be seen by more people.

(photo: Andy Frazer)

Above is a photograph that I took at China Camp State Park back in 2002. This was the first time that I shot with a digital camera at night. It was also my first photograph that placed in one of the Nocturnes competitions.

Back then, DSLR's were a novelty, especially at night. But on a Nocturnes workshop as long as two years ago, it seemed that more than half of the photographers were shooting digital. It will be interesting to see how many photographers are shooting digital at the Mono Lake Workshop next month.


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