Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my (new) night photography blog.

Night photography has been my passion for the past seven years. I have my own night photography website, a night photography documentary film, and a night photography Flickr account (all of which I'll drag you to, in due time).

I obsess about night photography. Now, I want to burden the rest of the world with my obsession.

In this blog I will post night photographs of my own; my cohorts-in-crime; some famous night photographers; and sometimes anything I come across on the internet. Occasionally, I'll post something that's only marginally related to night photography. But even that should be of interest to everyone.

Technically, this is my second night photography blog. I began the first one a year ago. Instead of using proven blogging tools, such as Blogger, I tried to create my own blog in HTML and upload it every night. Big mistake! After about twenty posts, I got tired of editing the HTML every night, and I let it die quietly. This one will be different.

I'd like to start by paying homage to, what I believe is, the world's first night photography blog: NightHawks, which is moderated by one of my fellow Nocturnes: Mark Interrante. Mark is a big-wig at one of the world's largest internet portals, and he had enough foresight to recognize the potential of blogs. So, hat's off to Mark! For all you Flickr fans, Mark's Flickr name is Pinhole.

Thanks for stopping by.

Andy Frazer


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