Sunday, April 16, 2006


Sometimes an image from another photographer gets etched into my brain, and it shows up as an influence in one of my shots. A few years ago, Lance Keimig had a gallery show, and he sent me one of those announcement that looks like a large postcard. It was a photograph of the Fore River Bridge in Weymouth, MA. For the next year I had that card hanging in my office.

(photo: Lance Keimig)

About a year later I was photographing the old waterfront in Petaluma, CA (“The Egg Capital of the World”) with two other night photographers, Deb Rourke and Mike Quinn. I saw these old pilings that reminded me of the pilings in Lance’s shot. I spent about an hour shooting these pilings until the local bars all emptied out, the revelers went home, and by midnight it was time to head home.

Above is Lance’s shot. Below is mine. Most people have told me they don’t see any similarity. But, to me, it’s obvious.


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