Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Nocturnes

(photo: Tim Baskerville)

"Surrealism,the mystery of place,
solitude, and a heightened sense of
the nature of things - night photography seems a
worthy vehicle, a ritual to express these themes."

- Tim Baskerville

For years, The Nocturnes website has been the largest resource of night photography on the internet. Originally founded in San Francisco by Tim Baskerville, The Nocturnes offers night photography workshops, exhibitions, on-line photo competitions and oodles of information for anyone wanting to get started in night photography. If you’re new to night photography, start here!

I took my first night photography workshop through The Nocturnes at Fort Mason, San Francisco in 2002. Since then, I’ve spent many cold nights standing on deserted beaches, and among deserted buildings, with various Nocturnes alumni.

Above is one of Tim Baskerville’s photographs from Mare Island, the oldest Naval base on the west coast of the US. Tim is currently undertaking a large project to document Mare Island at night . This is a great thing, because Mare Island, and it’s sister Naval base in Alameda, are being developed into residential housing and light industrial office parks.


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