Friday, April 14, 2006

Mare Island

Yesterday I mentioned Tim Baskerville’s project to photograph Mare Island at night.

During last month’s full moon, I photographed Mare Island along with a few Nocturnes alumni. Although we were only blessed with a few hours of clear skies, followed by cold drizzling rain, most people came away with at least one keeper.

The base is crawling with security guards at night. I was stopped by one guard while I was shooting the above shot. He told me that the empty building behind me had been the target of numerous copper thieves, so I guess I had walked right into “high patrol” zone. To top that off, one hour later I accidentally set off a screaming motion detector alarm when I wandered too far up a dark alley looking for some sort of film noir shot. It was a good thing that Tim had arranged special permission for us to be there after dark.

In the shot above, the yellow and the greenish lights are from nearby street lights and security lights. I added the red light underneath the walkbridge using a hand-held flash and a red gel.


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